Q: What does the Jensen guarantee cover?
A: Jensen beds have a 5 year comprehensive guarantee against manufacturing faults and a 25 year guarantee against frame or spring breakages. 

Q: How firm should my mattress be?
A: Every body is unique and has different needs. Please contact your nearest Jensen dealer and book a test. All our dealers are trained sleep comfort experts and they can help you choose the right mattress with the right degree of firmness. Take time to try out your new mattress properly. 

Q: Jensen beds feel much softer than others I’ve tried. Why is that?
A: It is now widely recognised that a bed that is too firm for you will not only give incorrect support but will seriously affect the level of sleep you will achieve. Usually, when people first encounter a Jensen bed they sit on it. As with any bed, you must lie on it to evenly distribute your weight and experience the level of comfort it offers. Jensen zone system delivers consistent and comfortable support allowing the hips and shoulders to sink into the softer areas and the waist to be supported with a firmer zone. Perfect support is therefore provided whether you sleep on your back or you side. 

Q: Although I have slept on my new mattress for a while now, my body hurts. Is this normal?
A:  Experience has shown that the body needs time to adjust to a new bed. It is quite normal for your back to feel tired during the first few weeks. The reason for this is that the muscles and joints have to get used to the support offered by the new bed. This will pass.   

Q: There are indentations in my mattress. Is it normal?
A:  These indentations are due to surface materials acquiring to the shape of your body. This is normal and does not mean that the mattress springs have lost their springiness. 

Q: I have heard that I must turn my mattress. Is this normal and why do I need to do this?
A: We recommend that you turn your mattress about 2 to 4 times a year. By turning the mattress you give the mattress filing a chance to recover slightly. 

Q: How should I take care of my mattress topper?
A:  The removable cover from the topper mattress is washable at 60°C. We recommend that only a small amount of washing powder is used and that the spin cycle is on the low power setting. It should be stretched back into shape whilst damp and hung on a line to dry. When airing/drying, please do not expose the topper filling to heat or direct sunlight, allow instead to dry naturally.  

Q: I washed the mattress topper cover according to the washing instructions but it shrank. What should I do now?
A: The two-part covers must be taken apart and washed separately. Stretch back into shape whilst damp and hung on line to dry. Continue to stretch the cover when dry. Put the filing back inside the cover and zip it up. The cover will return to the normal size within a couple of days of normal use. 

Q: My bed creaks, what should I do?
A: If a bed creaks it is often because the legs have not been sufficiently tightened or the pads on the leg have flattened. Re-tighten the legs after the bed has been used for a while and replace the pads regularly.
If your mattress is in a bed frame it may be the frame that is creaking. Test this by removing the mattress. Adjustable beds may be affected by the humidity and temperature in the room. Connections and bearings therefore need to be oiled every now and again using silicon spray. The RX FR in Vision may crackle slightly when new but will subside after a few sleeps. 

Q: I cannot get my bed to lift or lower, what should I do?
A: 1. Check that all the cables and plugs are connected.
2. Check if there is power in the socket.
3. If power cut use the emergency lowering function to flatten the bed.
4. You may need to configure your remote control once more. Read guide for assembly and use. The guide can be downloaded here.
5. If you have 2 beds switch remote controls to ensure that the remote control is ok.
6. Change batteries in the remote control.
7. Check if safety lock is activated (Aqtive II, Aqtive III and Dynamique) 

Please note:
Never open motors, electronic components or the remote control yourself. The manufacturer will not accept any liability if the motors, electronic components or the remote control are opened by someone other than uncertified maintenance staff. New components and parts must be purchased from the manufacturer.     

Q: More questions?
A: Contact your Jensen dealer.

A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.