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Ginko Alarm Clock

Alarm clock with a dimmable bedside light.

To create a stress-free environment in the bedroom, your phone and computer should be kept away. Instead, a traditional alarm clock can help you wake up in time, without having to use your phone. Gingko’s alarm clock double functions as a dimmable ambient light and has a modern and stylish yet functional design. It features two alarms. The dimmable soft screen light allows you to see what time it is at night, while not disturbing your sleep. As the alarm sounds in the morning, you can shake it to snooze it or you can simply flip the clock over to turn it off.

Back in the days, our sleep pattern was regulated by natural light from the sun. Today, artificial light from our screens makes it much harder to fall asleep and to maintain a good sleep quality. In order to unwind properly at night, we recommends de-digitizing your bedroom and minimizing artificial light three hours before bedtime.

> Dual alarm clock in 24 or 12 hours format
> Built-in rechargeable battery 1200mAh, USB charger included
> Power charging input: 5V - 500mA
> Size: 80 x 80 x 95 mm
> Weight: 158 g


  • White
  • Grey
  • Black


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