Jensen First Dream

This is the introductory model in the Supreme Collection, representing the baseline for Jensen sleep comfort. Even though it’s more stripped down compared to the other models in the collection, it still provides all the essentials for a good night’s sleep. Jensen First is equipped with the Jensen® Original Zone System in combination with the innovative Ease concept. It features Sense 2.0 springs to provide comfort and support.

Sleep comfort and bed care with Ease.
First is fitted with our innovative Ease-concept. It provides unique qualities in both sleep comfort and bed care. The high-quality springs eliminate the need to flip the mattress while keeping its lifespan intact and ensuring that the bed remains comfortable and supportive for years to come.

Once you have tried an adjustable bed, you will probably not want to go back to a regular bed. Jensen Dream is the introductory model in Jensen’s adjustable bed programme. Dream has a functional system with the most essential features. Jensen Dream Adjustable is based on a stepless system that can either be placed on a bed base or have legs attached. The mattress on the base is a Jensen First reversible mattress. 

By choosing Seamless textile solution the entire bed frame is covered. Four legs instead of the usual eight contribute to the beds’ new, elegant and unique look.


 The headrest function adapts the bed so that your neck and head are always in the right position when sitting upright. 

 Stepless adjustment up/down for both head and foot end, individually or together. 

 Two beds can be connected and controlled in sync by one remote.  

 Download our app to easily find and save your favorite position. Supports voice control. 

 Adjust the bed position using voice control.


Choose between medium, firm and extra-firm sleep comfort.


Available in all standard sizes. 75x200, 80x200, 90x200, 90x210, 105x200, 105x210, 120x200

Textiles for First Dream

Anthracite (471)

Beige (472)

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Technical specifications

1. Jensen Sleep I
2. Cellex XS 3 cm
3. Jensen Ease Sense 2.0 12,5 cm with Jensen® Original Zone System
4. Cellex 1,5 cm


Jensen Intro spring

A spring system whereby each spring is wrapped in a fabric bag (pocket). The consequence is that each spring works individually and this leads to improved pressure reduction and more equal pressure distribution. A steel edge at the top and the bottom of the springs provides substantial side stability. The system of five zones, with a soft shoulder zone and built-in support for the user’s lower back, increases comfort because it reduces the pressure and distributes it more evenly, irrespective of the person’s build or body position.

See all Jensen's spring systems

Evolution: Inside

Jensen® Original Zone System

The Jensen® Original Zone System combines a soft shoulder zone with built-in support for the lower back.

Pocket on Pocket

Jensen Pocket on Pocket Technollogy is our brand new and upgraded spring system. Jensen Pocket on Pocket in all layers of the bed lets the body sink deeper into the mattress, while getting the support it needs. Pocket springs in the lower spring section provide a stable comfort without annoying sideways movements (double beds).


Stretch in all the sleeping surfaces optimises the properties of the spring systems.


All Jensen beds and mattress toppers carry the Swan label, out of consideration for both you and the environment. Any product labelled with the Swan also has to satisfy strict requirements regarding the product’s environmental impact throughout its lifespan – from raw materials to disposal or recycling.


All Jensen beds are supplied with a 5-year full guarantee and a 25-year guarantee against frame or spring breakages. The detailed terms and conditions can be found in the guarantee certificate issued with your bed.


It’s now easier than ever to adjust your Jensen adjustable bed. Our new makes it easy to select your favourite sleeping position. Read more here


Jensen beds are tested and approved by AEH, a neutral test institute in Zurich, Switzerland. Every
bed is certified and undergoes thorough testing in connection with ergonomic, hygiene, bed climate and durability. 

Made in Norway

All Jensen beds and mattresses are designed and manufactured in Norway. 

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