We build our beds with passion and craftsmanship.

We have been making beds in our factory in Svelvik since 1947. We are still there today, and we have the same passion for beds, and the craftsmanship required to build them. At the same time, we are constantly developing new products and functions. By combining our naturally inspired materials and textiles with a Scandinavian, timeless design language, we create beds and bed accessories with excellent sleeping comfort.

The bed has a central role in our lives. If we do not sleep well, we can not live the way we want. To be able to perform in everyday life, we depend on waking up rested. That is why we are constantly working to find new ways to increase  sleep quality through our beds and bed accessories. Many of the industry's most innovative products have come from our factory in Svelvik, and we have twice been awarded the Norwegian Design Council's award "Prize for good design".

We have the experience, the genuine crafting tradition and the expertise to create the innovative solutions that provide better beds and mattresses. Our passion for sleep comfort, our focus on design and quality, and our firm belief that no one should be held back because they're tired means that you can always trust us when it comes to sleep and sleep quality.