Jensen Pocket on Pocket Technology in all our beds

Ever since our company was established in 1947, our goal has been to offer an optimal quality of restful sleep. Jensen beds are made to provide maximum support and sleep comfort. Jensen Pocket on Pocket Technology is incorporated into all our beds.

Pocket on Pocket
Jensen full pocket technology

Jensen Pocket on Pocket Technology is an entirely new and improved spring system. Jensen Pocket on Pocket in all layers of the bed creates a completely new quality of restful sleep experience. The sleeper's body sinks deeper into the mattress and is supported exactly where it is necessary. Pockets in the lower spring section provide stable comfort without any irritating sideways movement (double bed).

Spring system
All our reversible mattresses contain a spring system which ensures optimal comfort for each of the various product levels. The spring systems that we use are Jensen Aloy®, Jensen Sense, Jensen Intro, Jensen Support and Jensen Reflect.

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